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Join with your alias first. Welcome to Hole in the Sky, an advanced Warriors RP with a 200 word minimum! We feature a sandbox-style environment in which plots are king and users decide the outcome, as well as a stat system for character development and unbiased outcome judgment. Our experienced staff also run NPC accounts that make random predator, prey, and weather encounters not only possible but prevalent. Territories, while still familiar to Warriors fans, are fresh and different enough to make role-playing in them a truly unique experience. Become part of our community by either adopting plots and characters or creating your own!


UPDATES - 08/15/16 The time has come! Find us at our new venture here. HitS will remain open so users can finish plots, but new registrations are closed and staff will not be accepting bios, processing accounts, etc. Eventually we will close HitS so make sure to get your bios, threads, etc. if you want them. You can also always contact staff to have one of us pull something from an old site.

UPDATES - 08/11/16 Please read my last post on this thread if you have not link.

UPDATES - 08/07/16 Get your fingers flexing and back to posting guys! Activity seems to have taken a sad, sad dip. I know many are you are on aways, but if you're around we could use a boost in activity. Those of you who signed up to give Martenpelt a life can do so here -- all the relevant info is on the sign up sheet.

UPDATES - 07/28/16 The site was aged on the 26th. Please be sure to check to see if any of your characters have moved up to the next stat bracket as well as if they are now old enough for rank changes (we had a few!). Contact leaders if you'd like a ceremony, otherwise simply request a name change. If kits are now apprentices and need mentors post in the mentor/apprentice thread.

UPDATES - 07/24/16 WindClan deputy application deadline has been set for July 31 (7/31), so get your apps in sooner rather than later!

UPDATES - 07/20/16 V's decided to kill Ivystar, so WindClan deputy is open once again! Read the announcement here and take a trip to the open high ranks thread to the left!

UPDATES - 07/16/16 WC cats have been found, thank you for the response! Look for that in the future. Anyone with an RC cat should take a look at this flash event as they are tons of fun and easy stats. Also, we have a new thread in Glossary & Mechanics for moderation requests -- check it out here!

UPDATES - 07/15/16 Happy Birthday Rainbow! We have a pretty new mini profile for you guys today (yay!) that will require some new info to be input into your profiles. There is also space for a 100x100 mini avatar/gif ~ enjoy! Don't forget Hawk is looking for WC cats, there are some open flash events linked in the contest and event board description, and the gathering is going on! New avatar size is 250x450.

UPDATES - 07/14/16 Hawk here: I'm looking for 1-2 WindClan cats to be maimed/killed in an upcoming event I'm trying to plan. Please PM me if you are interested. TC and RC cats need to check out their respective events (linked in Contests & Events), and let's keep the Gathering going.

UPDATES - 07/12/16 Two new flash events have cropped up! Reminder to be checking out the board description on Contests & Events regularly as that's where all the important IC links can be found. RC/SC patrol needs one more RC cat to move forward, TC and RC are both having a meeting, and the Gathering is still ongoing!

UPDATES - 07/10/16 Thanks to Cake and Cheshire for volunteering to be staff's flash event helpers! Expect to see more events cropping up in random threads in the near future.

Another reminder that the gathering is underway here.

UPDATES - 07/06/16 We are looking for 1-2 people to help staff with flash events. Staff is able to do the big ones (like the ThunderClan's fox event) but we don't have enough hands to throw out as many smaller scale ones as we would like. If writing flash events (prey/predator/mother nature) is something you'd be interested in please message Mink (and I'll share with the other staff). The SC x RC patrol needs one more RiverClan cat so check that out (linked in the contest/event board description). Don't forget the gathering is underway here.

UPDATES - 07/04/16 Happy Independence Day for our American members! There's been a slight change to the miniprofile -- you will now enter your/your cat's gender pronouns rather than picking from a gender drop-down. We only had four options on the dropdown so our options were to either make that menu really long or just let you do it yourselves, so we opted for the second choice. This means that EVERYONE NEEDS TO UPDATE THEIR GENDER PRONOUNS ON EVERY SINGLE ACCOUNT. If you don't, that field on the miniprofile will just show up as m/f/o/n. Please be mindful of the small area of that field on the miniprofile when filling it out. Also, stuff happening so check prev. announcement!

UPDATES - 07/02/16 Please be sure to check the links located in the contest and event board description. We have a few Clan meetings and a RC x SC patrol that need some love. The gathering is now starting. Shocky/Lindenstar has started the main thread here, so all SCers can post; be sure not to post your cats until the leader of your Clan has posted their arrival. Once that's done you can join the main thread or make any number of sub threads.

UPDATES - 06/29/16 Instead of OTMs this month, staff is asking members to link to some of their favorite June threads so we can highlight. Please head over and let us know your opinions, and maybe your favorite thread will be recognized!

Again, the AC is about to wrap up and the gathering is starting soon, so be on the look out.

UPDATES - 06/28/16 Congrats to Cake & Daisyflower on TC deputy! A big thank you to all those who auditioned! Ev is working on getting a meeting up to announce that for you guys, and shortly (after RC gets their crap together) we'll be starting the gathering. In the meantime we have an activity check up that ends Thursday (likely in the late AM).

UPDATES - 06/24/16 We have a small Activity Check up here, ending 06/30, so post in it ASAP.

Also, reminder that ThunderClan deputy auditions end 06/28.

UPDATES - 06/23/16 Congrats to Hawk & Martenpelt on WC deputy! Many thanks to those who took the time out to send in auditions. Since WC already has quite a bit going on and we are looking forward to starting our next Gathering as soon as that is over, we will not thread out a ceremony -- you can just start referring to Marten as deputy in posts, should you need to. TC dep is still open for auditions and closes 6/28 -- read more here.

UPDATES - 06/17/16 ThunderClan deputy auditions are now open! Read more here. They will close 6/28. Reminder that WindClan deputy auditions are also open, and will close 6/23. If you are interested in applying and need more time, let staff know. There is a SkyClan event thread here, open to all SkyClanners -- staff note at the top of the first post.

UPDATES - 06/12/16 Staff has posted a guide on how to resize and crop images for site purposes. Read more here.

UPDATES - 06/09/16 WindClan deputy auditions are now open! Read more here.

Also a gentle reminder that if you are in a thread with a high rank such as a patrol, that thread should be towards the top of your posting order so that we can keep them rolling and not bog down high ranks that need to be consistently active. Thank you!

UPDATES - 06/06/16 If you happen to have a SkyClan cat you'd be interested in letting get killed (for a good cause, I assure you) please message Mink. This, if it happens, would be soon-ish (maybe). Thank you! I have enough victims!

UPDATES - 06/05/16 Due to busyness caused by real life responsibilities, English and Fallow have both decided to step down from staff. That means if you have any questions or need any help, please contact Hawk, Mink, or Rainbow from now on.

As a side note, reminder to be on the lookout for our next gathering which will be coming up in a few weeks!

UPDATES - 06/01/16 New summer skin! I am aware the background repeats on mobile's desktop version and am investigating that, otherwise I believe everything has been updated to match the new skin. The season has changed from new-leaf to green-leaf so just be aware of that. Once Juniper has his lives we will have our next site gathering.

UPDATES - 05/31/16 Activity check is over and completed. If you were deleted and wish to rejoin please feel free. Any bios/threads are in the archives and can be moved back by PMing staff with the links. Please be sure to check for rank changes, stat bracket changes, and mentor/apprentice changes. Now is a good time to update bios as well if you character has gone through some life changes. OTM nominations will be up for another day so please nominate if you have not!

UPDATES - 05/23/16 Activity check is up here folks. Be sure to to post in it, post an away, or speak to staff to avoid being deleted.

UPDATES - 05/13/16 First up happy birthday to Fallow! For the sake of the WC/RC plot please no new threads on the WC/RC border and absolutely no discussing the bodies until Ivystar/V have had a chance to hear about it and decide how they want to go forward. This will likely hold true until after Pansy is killed and the news has reached RiverClan. Most of the clans currently have meetings going on so please check those out (they have been linked in the description of the contest/event board).

UPDATES - 05/12/16 It's your friendly neighborhood staffer here to remind you all to please try to claim stats as you finish threads instead of waiting for the finished threads to stack up. Also, please try to keep track of the stats you have and haven't claimed. You can usually do this by going to the account you use to claim stats (which should be your OOC, not character) and hitting 'find all posts by this member.' Instead of relying on this way of checking, though, if you can't remember yourself, please keep track elsewhere.

UPDATES - 05/09/16 We have seen a sudden and peculiar increase in bios that have an abusive father. In a communal setting like the clan abuse, especially abuse that persists for so long and goes unnoticed/unpunished, should be rare. You see 40+ cats everyday; sleep with groups of cats around you; share tongues with cats; have a deputy and leader checking on mentor/apprentice pairs; kits are always watched, ect so having abuse go unnoticed likely would never happen. Beyond that the abuse is always from the father--why not mothers? Siblings? Grandparents? If you want to have your character been abused in their history please be practical about it and move away from the abusive fathers as those are now banned.

UPDATES - 05/08/16 Thank you for all those who entered both the ShadowClan camp 'contest' and auditioned for the role of ShadowClan deputy. The new camp will be Blitzy's entry, and while we know what is going on with deputy, we cannot announce who it'll be because that will ruin the plot Shocky has cooked up so stay tuned for that in the near future. We have some exciting event posts, a potential war, and a gathering on our horizon.

UPDATES - 05/06/16 Oliveleaf (Cake) has chosen two apprentices. Congrats to Flameface (Rainbow) and Koifrost (English)! We look forward to seeing this situation develop.




























WEATHER: Green-Leaf

Temperatures in the mid 80s (F). Sunshine and humidity. Prey is active.

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No New Posts Rules & Information
This board contains rules and all other essential Hole in the Sky information. The info in this board is required reading before making an account, as you will be held responsible for knowing it.

6 5 Sep 23 2015, 04:35 PM
In: Site History
By: Mink
No New Posts Updates & Announcements
Keep yourself abreast of site news in this board, where all updates and announcements will be posted. Do check back often, as some of these will require member feedback.

4 80 Aug 12 2016, 06:22 PM
In: Face Claims [ditm stuff]
By: Moony
No New Posts Glossary & Mechanics
Find all things to do with the running of HitS in this board, including guides, maps, the site shop, stat point information/redemption and image resizing help. The information stored here is important and typically required reading.

Subforums: About the Clans

23 352 Aug 9 2016, 05:21 PM
In: Image Resizing Help
By: Rainbow
No New Posts Contests & Events
Inside you'll find myriad contests and events to participate in. Often, you'll be able to win prizes and contribute to HitS in some way. Speak with staff if you're interested in starting an event or have a suggestion for a contest!

SC x RC Patrol | RC Meeting | TC Meeting | SkC Hunting Patrol

TC Flash Event | RC Flash Event

2 9 Aug 8 2016, 09:17 PM
In: Martenpelt's Lifegiver ...
By: Hawk
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If you are interesting in either advertising or affiliating with our site, please click here and post under the correct sub-board. We delete old ads after about a month. Open to all forum hosts. Guest friendly!

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86 66 Yesterday at 08:14 pm
By: Guest_HAWK

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No New Posts Character Bios
This is where you'll post your character bios, either finished or as WIPs to return to later. You'll also find the bio form inside -- please fill it out completely and post in the notification thread within when you are ready for staff to check your bio. Do not begin roleplaying until your bio is accepted.

Subforums: Bio Graveyard

1 38 Aug 8 2016, 12:03 PM
In: Alderback [COMPLETE]
By: ValiantDarkness
No New Posts Directories
Here you can find Clan rosters, Taken Names, Mentors & Apprentices, and the like. Please follow the forms to post on each directory and help us keep our information up to date.

9 200 Aug 10 2016, 11:12 AM
In: Taken Names List
By: Wynn
No New Posts Character Extras
Both tracking and plotting can be done within in the appropriate subboards.

Subforums: Tracking, Plotting, Forest Gossip, Ship Trackers

89 591 Aug 11 2016, 10:08 AM
In: the story so far.
By: Monument
No New Posts Adoptions & Requests
Place cats up for adoptions, request mates, and handle kitting in the appropriate subboards here.

Subforums: Adoptions, Kitting, Mate Requests

53 250 Aug 8 2016, 12:11 AM
In: i need somewhere to begin
By: Cerberus

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No New Posts ThunderClan Camp
ThunderClan’s camp is set in the heart of a thick wood, lush with leafy green trees and a sprinkling of pines. The camp itself is set in a bowl of sorts, angled at a shallow slope at one side and surrounded by a wall of rock on all the rest. The sloped side is only half enclosed by the rock wall while the rest is protected by trees, thorns and bramble with a small tunnel for cats to leave and enter from. In the far back of camp, against the stone wall, a thick blanket of ivy hangs and hides the scooped out behinds of the wall behind. Here, in the safety of the wall and ivy, the clan leader has their den in a large crevice. Further along the wall the medicine cat’s den is made from a pile of fallen stones, carefully arranged with the holes and gaps plugged with moss to keep herbs dry and the medicine cat warm. The elders den is made from a pile of branches and young longs, carefully entangled and entwined to form a dome-like structure. It too is plugged with moss to keep the elements out – though it is only partially under the wall’s hang-over. Opposite the elder’s den, along the stone wall on the other side of camp, the nursery sits. It is an old fox-den, dug out and widened beneath the wall. The apprentices and warriors den are bramble piles woven with branches, ferns and bushes. They are set near the center of camp. Leaders hold clan meetings from the Tall Stone.

11 46 Aug 10 2016, 08:56 AM
By: Daisyflower
No New Posts ThunderClan Territory
ThunderClan's territory is largely deciduous forest. The canopy is light enough that sunlight can reach the forest floor, allowing for a variety of undergrowth that crowds the ground and forces ThunderClanners to move silently through the brush and flora to hunt. This gives them their reputation for stealth. ThunderClan's territory borders SkyClan's and ShadowClan's, but two of their borders are with no Clan -- on one side, neutral loner land divides ThunderClan from the Twolegplace to the south, and on the other, a Thunderpath runs through the territory, parallel to the border. Common prey includes woodland animals like mice, voles, squirrels, birds, martens, and more; common predators include foxes and badgers, and while animals like deer and elk aren't predators, they're wise to steer clear of. ThunderClan cats are often tabby-striped, commonly brown or ginger, but can come in a wide variety of other colors and markings. Their pelts are not traditionally any particular length and can be short, long or any variable in between.

Subforums: Forest, Treehouse, The Gnarly Tree, Overgrown Rocks, Abandoned Temple, Pond, Meadow, Thunderpath, The Gorge

17 49 Aug 15 2016, 09:26 PM
By: pinestar

Collapse   SkyClan
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No New Posts SkyClan Camp
SkyClan’s camp is located back in the mountains that run north-south near the western border of their territory. The camp itself is not very high in elevation, but it is higher than most clan cats care to travel. The path to the camp is not carved out, but generations of use have left some of the rocks soft and worn beneath the foot so even the newest apprentices should be able to find their way to and from camp. The rocky mountain cliffs often times require high jumps or precarious footwork to be done in order to ascend – a feat that has kept SkyClan’s jumping abilities intact. The camp itself is a large high-ceiling cavern with a large, circular opening. A small waterfall comes in through a hole in the top and falls two tiers below into a small pool like stream. The cavern stretches behind the waterfall and branches out into the mountains beyond. The clan leader occupies a den in the back, higher up than most. Elders and the medicine cat have dens on the ground level, large and well protected from the elements. The nursery is off to the side – a small, narrow opening that widens inside to keep warmth in – with the apprentices and warriors dens, also caverns, placed more towards the front to protect the clan should enemies find their way in. Nests are made in small scoops in the ground, often lined with rocks, and filled with moss and feathers for comfort. Leaders hold clan meetings from the High Ledge.

12 17 Aug 10 2016, 03:04 PM
No New Posts SkyClan Territory
SkyClan’s territory spans mountaintops and the valley below. With SkyClan’s camp being in the mountains it is no surprise that the cats of SkyClan are expert climbers and leapers, fully equipped to hunt on the rocky mountainsides. Pika, marmots, mice and birds – including birds of prey – are SkyClan’s most commonly hunted animals, but off the mountain the options more broad. Below the mountains an expansive green valley with tough, thin grass and large rock structures rolls out in all directions. Until the forest rises up in the east and the land falls away to the bluffs and fjords at the southern edge of the territory. The air here is often damp with rolling fogs common in the lowlands of the valley; this is due to the cold air coming in off WindClan’s tundra’s and the warmer air mixing with it from the ocean to the south. Cats in SkyClan often sport thick coats to survive the cooler mountain temperatures with neutral colors to help them blend into their surroundings – a cat too easily seen against the dark cliffs of the mountain or grasses of the valley are more easily picked off and must learn to hunt with this handicap.

Subforums: Mountainside, Sky Path, Glowworm Caves, River, Swallow's Ledge, The Mossy Huts, Valley, Evergreen Forest, Waterfalls of Certain Doom, Quaking Pillars

21 99 Aug 10 2016, 02:43 PM
In: A Whole New World,,
By: Hailpaw

Collapse   WindClan
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No New Posts WindClan Camp
WindClan's camp, a fairly round space ringed with rocks, boulders, and enclosed on one side by a low ridge, is open to the sky and overlooks a valley. Their camp, while not protected in the same way as the other Clans', is fairly high up and they can see attacks coming from a long way off in any direction, making them difficult to surprise. It's also difficult to find their camp in the first place, as it's not set out with walls and such. In true WindClan fashion, warriors and apprentices will often sleep in the open, but there are clusters of bushes, overlaid with branches from shrubs and the few trees on the territory for warmth, that serve as shelter during the cold seasons or when the weather is bad. The leader's den is dug underneath the Tall Boulder, from which meetings are called. Unlike the warriors' and apprentices' dens, the elders' den, nursery, and medicine cat's den are far more well protected. Elders sleep in the shelter of a cluster of bushes, extensively reinforced with branches and grasses, while the medicine cat's den is a former fox hole, extended and widened to hold herbs and patients as well as the medicine cat themselves, in the lee of a ridge opposite the Tall Boulder. The nursery is nearby, dug into the ground where a fox had once made a home, and masked at the entrance by a thick bush, insulating the den from weather and forcing a bit more care when entering.

23 75 Aug 10 2016, 04:54 PM
In: hope that you can handle my...
By: Rooknose
No New Posts WindClan Territory
WindClan’s territory, unlike the others, is treeless with only short, hardy vegetation for cover. The tundras they now live on are very reminiscent of the moors in that fact, though the tundra is significantly less hilly than the moors with slight variation in prey-types. Rabbits still make up the staple of their diet, but similar animals like pika and marmots can be found commonly as well, though they utilize burrows and rock piles far more than rabbits and can be quite tricky to catch if you aren’t fast enough. The tundra has only mild summers with brisk, windy winters that have caused WindClan cats to grow thicker pelts than ever before, though they still are overwhelmingly short-furred to minimize drag, and often colored in grays and browns to blend in with their surroundings. WindClanners are the most fleet-footed of clan cats – lean, nimble and must be as fast as the wind to catch their prey on the open tundra.

Subforums: Tundra, Hardened Lava Fields, Three Claw Caves, Rainbow Geyser, Moss & Lichen Fields, The Burrows, Mirror Pool, Lookout Rocks, Giant's Maze, Glacier, Glacier's Mouth

19 83 Aug 10 2016, 09:07 AM
In: Well, you ain't never c...
By: Cricketpaw

Collapse   RiverClan
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No New Posts RiverClan Camp
Tucked away amongst a swathe of tall reeds on a small island in the river is RiverClan’s camp. Given these cats’ affinity for water, the positioning of their home shouldn’t come to a surprise; the brisk current running on either side of the strip of land deters both predators and enemy cats alike. Fishing is good from the large, flat rocks splayed across the south-western edge of the island, and during sunhigh they become a prime place for sunning and relaxation. Within the camp proper, dens for apprentices and warriors are burrowed out of reed and loam, while the Medicine Cat’s den and nursery take up residence within the massive stump of a fallen cypress tree. Alongside the stump, a lean-to of sorts created from pine branches and brambles provides cover for the Elders of RiverClan while keeping them close to the Medicine Cat. The cypress tree’s fallen body shelters the Leader’s den within what may have once been an owl’s hole in the trunk, and Its largest remaining branch – extending over the open space of camp somewhat – has become the High Branch, from which the Leader addresses the Clan. Due to its relatively guarded position in the river’s embrace, the camp can be entered and departed from via nearly every side, though the Clan has had to relocate during the New Leaf floods more than once in past years.

6 21 Aug 4 2016, 02:52 PM
In: I Got That Sunshine In My P...
By: Spottedroot
No New Posts RiverClan Territory
RiverClan territory, more than any other clans, is dominated by its water features, and at the heart of it is the river. The river is fed by smaller tributaries and swells in the new-leaf season from melting snow, glacier run-off, and rain; all the access water is known to flood the river, spilling into grasslands and turning them into wetlands, bogs and even marshes. In the far east of their territory there is a small grove of birch trees as well as a grassy field that are high enough to stay dry even when the territory floods, often utilized as a temporary camp if the river gets too high and floods theirs. RiverClan cats are described as beautiful, well-fed with long coats kept glossy by the fish they eat. They feed primarily on prey caught from the river, but some are proficient land-hunters and contribute mice, voles, shrews and muskrats to the fresh-kill pile. Though more of a stereotype than anything, other clans often think RiverClan conceded and vain, harboring a love of beautiful things and trinkets to adorn their nests with. RiverClan cats do not fear water, taught at a young age to fish and hunt. Their pelts come in the most variable of colors but are often always long.

Subforums: River, Kit Pool, Willow Tree, Fishing Pool, Rock Quarries, Birch Grove, Mud Pit, Grassy Field, Marsh, Hunting Blind - Danger, Giant Lilypad Pond

24 82 Aug 13 2016, 07:53 PM
In: And the rain will kill us a...
By: Pigeon

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No New Posts ShadowClan Camp

Nestled deep within Shadowclan's pine forest sits an outcropping of boulders, which has since been settled by Shadowclan into its camp. The boulders provide protection against the elements of nature, while the dens are burrowed under the rocks themselves for insulation. The warrior's den is set beside the entrance, nestled between two of the boulders with a canopy of moss overhead to keep out the worst of the rain. The apprentice's den is beside that of the warrior's, almost like a lean to of sorts, dug out to lay partially underneath the rock. Near the back of the camp stands a dead tree, its roots protruding from the ground. The medicine cats make their den beneath the roots, with moss and dried mud plugging any holes to keep both herbs and occupants dry. Two boulders beside each other that end with their tops touching make up the Nursery, the hole underneath dug out and expanded to house nursing mothers and their offspring. The leader calls meetings from the High Rock and has their den at its base, where a river long dried has cut the rock to make space beneath for a single nest.

18 57 Aug 3 2016, 04:40 PM
In: chasing twisters [tiger]
By: larchflame
No New Posts ShadowClan Territory
ShadowClan territory is dominated by boreal forests – dark, thick forest made up mostly of conifer trees. The trees grow tall and their branches spread wide, creating a canopy that little light can penetrate in great amounts. The lack of sunlight leaves the forest floor nearly bare of flora, but riddled with shadows cast from above. ShadowClan cats, typically, are known for their stealth and ability to slide silently in and out of these shadows to strike down both prey and enemies before they know what hits them. Though rumors would lead many to believe ShadowClan cruel, vile or otherwise heartless cats, but they remain just that: rumors. ShadowClan, like any clan, is built up of all personality-types. Historically, ShadowClan cats are neutral colored – grays, blacks, browns – to better hide them in the shadows, and may have pelts of varying lengths. ShadowClanners feed most often on forest dwelling animals, and to the disgust of other clans, amphibians and reptiles that can be found in the swamps outside of their forest.

Subforums: Pine Forest, Root Bridge, Creek, Ring of Trees, Tree Root Tunnels, Cascading Pools, Swamp, Beaver Lodges, Snake's Head Rock, Two-leg Campground, The Glade, Thunderpath

16 44 Aug 11 2016, 10:51 AM
In: like my mirror years ago
By: Roseface

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Neutral
Neutral territories, outside Clan borders and belonging to no cat, lie within.

Subforums: Two-leg City, City Park, The Hedge Maze, Drinking Dragon Beach, Harbor, The Fish Market, Abandoned Carnival, Bluebell Woods, Landfill, Old Penitentiary - WARNING, Sunflower Fields, Abandoned Barn, Sea Bridge, Murkwood, The Old Mill, Railroad Tracks

25 93 Aug 11 2016, 12:01 PM
By: Heathernose
No New Posts Sacred
These territories are sacred, marked by StarClan as places where fighting and bloodshed are forbidden. No one Clan may control these places, as they are meant for all the Clans to use for Gathering purposes and for leaders and medicine cats to confer with StarClan.

Subforums: Isle of Fire, The Tree of Life

7 143 Sep 15 2016, 10:05 AM
In: We've come a long way f...
By: Daisyflower
No New Posts Clan Borders
These lands mark the borders between Clans. Border patrols scentmark the lines to make sure no cat has any excuse for trespassing.

Subforums: Clan x Neutral Borders, Crater Lake (all clans), Old Vineyard (TC x SkC), Charred Treeline (SkC x WC), Braided Rivers (WC x RC), Seasonal Marsh (RC x SC), Two-leg Path (SC x TC), Secret Tunnel (WC x SC)

23 87 Aug 11 2016, 06:48 AM
By: salamanderpaw

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Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts General Board
This board is for various nonsense and conversations, though nothing obscene. Here you can also post greetings as well as find the away board, in order to notify us of your absence.

Subforums: Aways

25 74 Aug 10 2016, 07:31 PM
By: Mink
No New Posts Express Yourself
Users can use this board to display art in all forms as well as open user-ran shops for graphics, commissions and the like. It also houses the AU board, where you can roleplay outside the HitS canon.

Subforums: Table Testing & Storage, AU Board

73 740 Aug 5 2016, 12:18 AM
In: Avie's Tables
By: Brindlenose
No New Posts Games
Have an idea for a forum game? Post it here!

14 257 Jul 25 2016, 02:35 PM
In: HitS Mad Libs!
By: Lyx

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