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Join with your alias first. Welcome to Hole in the Sky, an advanced Warriors RP with a 200 word minimum! We feature a sandbox-style environment in which plots are king and users decide the outcome, as well as a stat system for character development and unbiased outcome judgment. Our experienced staff also run NPC accounts that make random predator, prey, and weather encounters not only possible but prevalent. Territories, while still familiar to Warriors fans, are fresh and different enough to make role-playing in them a truly unique experience. Become part of our community by either adopting plots and characters or creating your own!


UPDATES - 08/15/16 The time has come! Find us at our new venture here. HitS will remain open so users can finish plots, but new registrations are closed and staff will not be accepting bios, processing accounts, etc. Eventually we will close HitS so make sure to get your bios, threads, etc. if you want them. You can also always contact staff to have one of us pull something from an old site.

UPDATES - 08/11/16 Please read my last post on this thread if you have not link.

UPDATES - 08/07/16 Get your fingers flexing and back to posting guys! Activity seems to have taken a sad, sad dip. I know many are you are on aways, but if you're around we could use a boost in activity. Those of you who signed up to give Martenpelt a life can do so here -- all the relevant info is on the sign up sheet.

UPDATES - 07/28/16 The site was aged on the 26th. Please be sure to check to see if any of your characters have moved up to the next stat bracket as well as if they are now old enough for rank changes (we had a few!). Contact leaders if you'd like a ceremony, otherwise simply request a name change. If kits are now apprentices and need mentors post in the mentor/apprentice thread.

UPDATES - 07/24/16 WindClan deputy application deadline has been set for July 31 (7/31), so get your apps in sooner rather than later!

UPDATES - 07/20/16 V's decided to kill Ivystar, so WindClan deputy is open once again! Read the announcement here and take a trip to the open high ranks thread to the left!

UPDATES - 07/16/16 WC cats have been found, thank you for the response! Look for that in the future. Anyone with an RC cat should take a look at this flash event as they are tons of fun and easy stats. Also, we have a new thread in Glossary & Mechanics for moderation requests -- check it out here!

UPDATES - 07/15/16 Happy Birthday Rainbow! We have a pretty new mini profile for you guys today (yay!) that will require some new info to be input into your profiles. There is also space for a 100x100 mini avatar/gif ~ enjoy! Don't forget Hawk is looking for WC cats, there are some open flash events linked in the contest and event board description, and the gathering is going on! New avatar size is 250x450.

UPDATES - 07/14/16 Hawk here: I'm looking for 1-2 WindClan cats to be maimed/killed in an upcoming event I'm trying to plan. Please PM me if you are interested. TC and RC cats need to check out their respective events (linked in Contests & Events), and let's keep the Gathering going.

UPDATES - 07/12/16 Two new flash events have cropped up! Reminder to be checking out the board description on Contests & Events regularly as that's where all the important IC links can be found. RC/SC patrol needs one more RC cat to move forward, TC and RC are both having a meeting, and the Gathering is still ongoing!

UPDATES - 07/10/16 Thanks to Cake and Cheshire for volunteering to be staff's flash event helpers! Expect to see more events cropping up in random threads in the near future.

Another reminder that the gathering is underway here.

UPDATES - 07/06/16 We are looking for 1-2 people to help staff with flash events. Staff is able to do the big ones (like the ThunderClan's fox event) but we don't have enough hands to throw out as many smaller scale ones as we would like. If writing flash events (prey/predator/mother nature) is something you'd be interested in please message Mink (and I'll share with the other staff). The SC x RC patrol needs one more RiverClan cat so check that out (linked in the contest/event board description). Don't forget the gathering is underway here.

UPDATES - 07/04/16 Happy Independence Day for our American members! There's been a slight change to the miniprofile -- you will now enter your/your cat's gender pronouns rather than picking from a gender drop-down. We only had four options on the dropdown so our options were to either make that menu really long or just let you do it yourselves, so we opted for the second choice. This means that EVERYONE NEEDS TO UPDATE THEIR GENDER PRONOUNS ON EVERY SINGLE ACCOUNT. If you don't, that field on the miniprofile will just show up as m/f/o/n. Please be mindful of the small area of that field on the miniprofile when filling it out. Also, stuff happening so check prev. announcement!

UPDATES - 07/02/16 Please be sure to check the links located in the contest and event board description. We have a few Clan meetings and a RC x SC patrol that need some love. The gathering is now starting. Shocky/Lindenstar has started the main thread here, so all SCers can post; be sure not to post your cats until the leader of your Clan has posted their arrival. Once that's done you can join the main thread or make any number of sub threads.

UPDATES - 06/29/16 Instead of OTMs this month, staff is asking members to link to some of their favorite June threads so we can highlight. Please head over and let us know your opinions, and maybe your favorite thread will be recognized!

Again, the AC is about to wrap up and the gathering is starting soon, so be on the look out.

UPDATES - 06/28/16 Congrats to Cake & Daisyflower on TC deputy! A big thank you to all those who auditioned! Ev is working on getting a meeting up to announce that for you guys, and shortly (after RC gets their crap together) we'll be starting the gathering. In the meantime we have an activity check up that ends Thursday (likely in the late AM).

UPDATES - 06/24/16 We have a small Activity Check up here, ending 06/30, so post in it ASAP.

Also, reminder that ThunderClan deputy auditions end 06/28.

UPDATES - 06/23/16 Congrats to Hawk & Martenpelt on WC deputy! Many thanks to those who took the time out to send in auditions. Since WC already has quite a bit going on and we are looking forward to starting our next Gathering as soon as that is over, we will not thread out a ceremony -- you can just start referring to Marten as deputy in posts, should you need to. TC dep is still open for auditions and closes 6/28 -- read more here.

UPDATES - 06/17/16 ThunderClan deputy auditions are now open! Read more here. They will close 6/28. Reminder that WindClan deputy auditions are also open, and will close 6/23. If you are interested in applying and need more time, let staff know. There is a SkyClan event thread here, open to all SkyClanners -- staff note at the top of the first post.

UPDATES - 06/12/16 Staff has posted a guide on how to resize and crop images for site purposes. Read more here.

UPDATES - 06/09/16 WindClan deputy auditions are now open! Read more here.

Also a gentle reminder that if you are in a thread with a high rank such as a patrol, that thread should be towards the top of your posting order so that we can keep them rolling and not bog down high ranks that need to be consistently active. Thank you!

UPDATES - 06/06/16 If you happen to have a SkyClan cat you'd be interested in letting get killed (for a good cause, I assure you) please message Mink. This, if it happens, would be soon-ish (maybe). Thank you! I have enough victims!

UPDATES - 06/05/16 Due to busyness caused by real life responsibilities, English and Fallow have both decided to step down from staff. That means if you have any questions or need any help, please contact Hawk, Mink, or Rainbow from now on.

As a side note, reminder to be on the lookout for our next gathering which will be coming up in a few weeks!

UPDATES - 06/01/16 New summer skin! I am aware the background repeats on mobile's desktop version and am investigating that, otherwise I believe everything has been updated to match the new skin. The season has changed from new-leaf to green-leaf so just be aware of that. Once Juniper has his lives we will have our next site gathering.

UPDATES - 05/31/16 Activity check is over and completed. If you were deleted and wish to rejoin please feel free. Any bios/threads are in the archives and can be moved back by PMing staff with the links. Please be sure to check for rank changes, stat bracket changes, and mentor/apprentice changes. Now is a good time to update bios as well if you character has gone through some life changes. OTM nominations will be up for another day so please nominate if you have not!

UPDATES - 05/23/16 Activity check is up here folks. Be sure to to post in it, post an away, or speak to staff to avoid being deleted.

UPDATES - 05/13/16 First up happy birthday to Fallow! For the sake of the WC/RC plot please no new threads on the WC/RC border and absolutely no discussing the bodies until Ivystar/V have had a chance to hear about it and decide how they want to go forward. This will likely hold true until after Pansy is killed and the news has reached RiverClan. Most of the clans currently have meetings going on so please check those out (they have been linked in the description of the contest/event board).

UPDATES - 05/12/16 It's your friendly neighborhood staffer here to remind you all to please try to claim stats as you finish threads instead of waiting for the finished threads to stack up. Also, please try to keep track of the stats you have and haven't claimed. You can usually do this by going to the account you use to claim stats (which should be your OOC, not character) and hitting 'find all posts by this member.' Instead of relying on this way of checking, though, if you can't remember yourself, please keep track elsewhere.

UPDATES - 05/09/16 We have seen a sudden and peculiar increase in bios that have an abusive father. In a communal setting like the clan abuse, especially abuse that persists for so long and goes unnoticed/unpunished, should be rare. You see 40+ cats everyday; sleep with groups of cats around you; share tongues with cats; have a deputy and leader checking on mentor/apprentice pairs; kits are always watched, ect so having abuse go unnoticed likely would never happen. Beyond that the abuse is always from the father--why not mothers? Siblings? Grandparents? If you want to have your character been abused in their history please be practical about it and move away from the abusive fathers as those are now banned.

UPDATES - 05/08/16 Thank you for all those who entered both the ShadowClan camp 'contest' and auditioned for the role of ShadowClan deputy. The new camp will be Blitzy's entry, and while we know what is going on with deputy, we cannot announce who it'll be because that will ruin the plot Shocky has cooked up so stay tuned for that in the near future. We have some exciting event posts, a potential war, and a gathering on our horizon.

UPDATES - 05/06/16 Oliveleaf (Cake) has chosen two apprentices. Congrats to Flameface (Rainbow) and Koifrost (English)! We look forward to seeing this situation develop.




























WEATHER: Green-Leaf

Temperatures in the mid 80s (F). Sunshine and humidity. Prey is active.

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